Your appointment with innovation at Pavilion 1: machinery, equipment, and genetics at the Professional Village.

The Professional's village : 400 m2 of meetings and exchanges

Located in the heart of Pavilion 1, the professionals' village, an area that brings together representatives of agri-suppliers, invites our visitors to meet agricultural industry leaders to discuss about common issues. Created in 2017, this Village has been a real success.

In 2024, this space will bring together representatives of agricultural suppliers, leaders in their sector, including:

Agriest (1P026)

Established for nearly 40 years in the heart of Franche-Comté in Scey-sur-Saône, AGRIEST, a partner of manufacturers and distributors, is a major player in the agricultural equipment market.

BKT (1 N 014)

For over 30 years, BKT has been creating and manufacturing safe, innovative and high-performance tires for specialized sectors such as agriculture, construction, earthmoving, ports and mines.

Bureau de la Coopération Technique International (BCTI) (1 R 044)

Office of International Technical Cooperation of professional livestock organizations. Bringing together expertise to support the development of livestock farming and the ruminant sectors.


Global leader in the dairy industry, providing integrated milking solutions designed to improve dairy farmers' production, animal welfare and overall quality of life. The company develops, manufactures and markets equipment and complete systems for dairy farming and animal husbandry worldwide.

Ecalard SAS (1 M 008)

For more than 40 years, Ecalard has been constantly expanding its range of products to meet the specific needs of bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice cream makers, catering professionals, farmers and craftsmen specializing in milk processing throughout France and abroad.

Eloi (1 P 029)

A company with a mission, which accompanies the transfer of farms and the installation of agricultural project holders. It promotes transfers to accelerate the agro-ecological transition.


FAIREFRANCE is a brand owned by more than 500 farmers throughout France, whose objective is simple: farmers show their willingness to take their destiny into their own hands by marketing FAIREFRANCE fair trade milk.

Fairme (1 N 026)

Grenoble-based startup designing a fully autonomous, multi-product, on-farm dairy processing machine. This workshop, connected directly to the farm, transforms milk into a range of dairy products at the consumer's request via a simple Web application.

GDS France (1 P 030)

The Fédération nationale des Groupements de Défense Sanitaire (GDS France) is the French agricultural organization in charge of animal health and hygiene issues as well as the sanitary quality of French livestock.

Ifor Williams (1 B 026)

For 60 years Ifor Williams has been offering its customers trailers that meet their needs to facilitate both their professional life and their leisure activities. From construction workers to arborists, their GD flatbeds, tippers and trailers are used in a wide variety of sectors.

Laiterie de Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel

Laiterie de Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel is a French company in the agri-food sector specializing in the packaging of liquid foods (milks, creams, fruit juices, soft drinks, soups, functional beverages, etc.) and in the production and packaging of fourth range products (salads and ready-to-use raw vegetables). Its mission: "To feed the performance of agriculture and food industry professionals with high value-added information".

Le casier français (1 R 029):

Manufacturer and installer of automatic vending machines with crates that dispense farmers from intermediaries and free them from the workload of operating a sales outlet.

Maréchalle Pesage

For 50 years now, Maréchalle Pesage located in Chauny, in Picardy, has been building holding and weighing cages. Their strength of innovation has led the company to the level of national leader in weighing.

Mon Labo Fermier by RS MODUL (1 N 030)

Specialists in professional modular buildings "turnkey" for professionals in the gastronomy and food processing sector. It offers farmers and kitchen professionals modular equipment to meet their needs.

Races de France (1 R 044)

Organization in charge of the representation and the promotion of the various French animal species. Within this entity cohabit different animal species, from cattle, sheep and goats to species like horses or pets: dogs and cats.


Réussir-Agra is a professional information group comprising 24 national media brands and a network of 55 local titles.

Tooprè (1 P 037)

A family business created more than 50 years ago and designing a practical, secure and easy-to-use "smart" fridge that offers tasty and fresh products on a self-service basis 24/7 for your meals or welcome breaks.