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Discover agricultural careers at Pavilion 4

AGRI'METIERS offers conferences and key moments over more than 500m2 of space. It's "the" key spot for those seeking precise information and personalized support in their professional journey. It represents a true opportunity to discover all the latest innovations in employment, training, and careers in the agricultural world. Conferences, networking sessions, and discussions are organized here. It's a must-visit for the agricultural community. 

Careers in agriculture at the Show  


Coordinated by ANEFA (National Joint Association for Employment and Training in Agriculture), this space is a key landmark for visitors looking for precise information and personalized support in their professional journey. Thanks to the variety and commitment of its partner exhibitors, AGRI’RECRUTE is more than ever the place where the agricultural jobs of tomorrow are taking shape, embracing the challenges of orientation, training, transmission, and establishment. 


Discover the 11 partners that make up AGRI’RECRUTE in 2024 

  • ANEFA - National Association for Employment and Training in Agriculture 4 B 061  
  • UNREP - National Rural Education and Promotion Union 4 C 058  
  • CNEAP - National Council for Private Agricultural Education 4 E 060  
  • VIVEA - Insurance Fund for Training of Agricultural Business Owners 4 C 063  
  • MFR - National Union of Rural Family Houses 4 E 064  
  • UNEAP - National Union of Students in Architecture and Landscape 4 E 060  
  • FGA CFDT - Union for the Agri-food and Agriculture Sectors 4 C060  
  • APRODEMA - Association for the Promotion of Careers and Training in Agricultural Equipment 4 C 056  
  • APECITA - Association For the Employment of Executives, Engineers, and Technicians in Agriculture and Agri-food 4 B 059  
  • OCAPIAT - Competency Operator (OPCO) for Agricultural Cooperation, Agriculture, Fishing, Agri-food Industry and Territories 4 C 062  
  • FNSEA - National Federation of Agricultural Exploitation Syndicates 4 B 057 and 4 C 068  


And also, on the schools' side: 

  • AGROPARISTECH: national institute of life and environmental sciences and industries, under the supervision of the ministries in charge of agriculture and higher education. Founding member of Université Paris-Saclay, member of the ParisTech network, and member of Agreenium.  
  • INSTITUT AGRO: National higher education institute for agriculture, food, and the environment. Merger of Montpellier SupAgro and Agrocampus Ouest, to support the agroecological transition of our agriculture.  
  • ALLIANCE AGREENIUM: voluntarily brings together most of the public higher education establishments and research organizations under the supervision of the Minister of Agriculture. 6 schools are present at SIA 2023: Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Université de Lorraine - ENSAIA, ENSFEA, INP-ENSAT, Oniris, VetAgro Sup.  
  • INSTITUT POLYTECHNIQUE UNILASALLE: one of the 204 French engineering schools accredited as of September 1, 2020, to award an engineering degree. A private higher education institution of general interest recognized by the State, offering education in the fields of agriculture, agri-food, food-health, environment, and geology. It has four campuses: Amiens (Somme), Beauvais (Oise), Rouen (Seine Maritime), and Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine).  


List finalized on 01.19.2024