Your invitation to discover the future at AGRI'TECH: start-up innovations at Pavilion 4 ready to transform agriculture.
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Today, being a farmer means being an entrepreneur, banker, producer, salesman, manager and technician all rolled into one. To be able to do all these jobs at the same time, digital technology is essential. 

Digital at the Paris International Agricultural Show 


Every year, the Paris International Agricultural Show brings together a whole dynamic ecosystem of innovative companies and start-ups, creating an event and facilitating contact between young companies keen to demonstrate their digital expertise to their partners and customers from the world of agriculture, and attracting decision-makers and students keen to make contacts and discover new things. And it's all taking place over 900 m2! 

Digital technology in agriculture has long since been deployed on farms, with the adoption of new technologies, on-board equipment and traceability tools for precision farming and forecasting. The same is true of the food sector and biotechnology research, which have undergone dazzling digitalisation in the space of just a few years. This momentum and creativity will be well represented at the Paris International Agricultural Show in the AGRI'TECH cluster, formerly known as Agri 4.0. A new name for an area that is constantly evolving. 




For nine days, more than 60 exhibitors, including start-ups from La Ferme Digitale, will be offering a programme combining round tables, conferences and demonstrations to give a voice to solutions to the major challenges of today and tomorrow. Start-ups focusing on carbon (Sysfarm, Carbone Farmers, Stock CO2, etc.) will be well represented, helping farmers to calculate carbon credits and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by advising them on agro-ecological projects. Also of note was the presence of TOOPI ORGANICS, the first company to develop the principle of harvesting and converting human urine into organic fertiliser, which was singled out for its response to the dual challenge of water management and reducing phytosanitary inputs. Still on the subject of biofertilisers, VERAGROW is exhibiting for the first time its innovation in "vermicomposting", while in the field of sustainable food, ARBIOM is also exhibiting for the first time its SylPro® product (a protein-rich ingredient with a low environmental impact derived from under-valued plant resources) for animal and human food. 

This wide range of private and public players will be meeting, debating and exchanging ideas in order to propose and recommend the best courses of action to support the transition of farms and support French nuggets. Supporting and accelerating innovation, agri-food sovereignty, sustainability, resilience and competitiveness in agriculture: these are all missions for start-ups that bring a fresh perspective, revitalise our sectors and attract young people by inspiring entrepreneurial vocations.